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The 10 Best WordPress Themes for Wood Business Websites

When you run a business centered around wood, whether it involves carpentry, furniture, or timber supply, your website needs to reflect the quality and the aesthetic of your work. WordPress, a versatile platform for building websites, offers a plethora of themes suited to the wood industry. Here’s a list of the ten best WordPress themes specially designed for wood businesses that combine functionality with beautiful design to showcase your products and craftsmanship effectively.

1. Fortunio – Timber, Forestry & Wood Manufacture WordPress Theme

Fortunio is an elegant theme crafted specifically for the timber and forestry industry. It boasts a robust, earthy design that captures the essence of the wood business, making it perfect for showcasing large timber products and manufacturing processes.

2. Wood Workshop – Carpenter and Craftsman WordPress Theme

Wood Workshop theme is tailored for carpenters and craftsmen, featuring a clean, professional layout. It includes portfolios, galleries, and shop layouts that are ideal for displaying handcrafted wooden items.

3. Wood Works – Craftsman Business WordPress Theme

Wood Works is designed for wood craftsmen and small woodworking shops. This theme has a rustic, welcoming feel, complemented by all the features you need to effectively showcase services and products.

4. House in the Wood – Tourism and Entertainment Theme

Though slightly different in focus, House in the Wood is ideal for wood-centric tourism businesses like cabin rentals or forest retreats. Its beautiful, natural design and booking features can help boost your hospitality offerings.

5. Windows, Doors and Awnings

This theme, Windows, Doors, and Awnings, is perfect for businesses that specialize in wooden architectural details. Its niche-specific features allow you to showcase various products with detailed descriptions and images.

6. Barhouse – Wooden House Construction WordPress Theme

Barhouse is excellently suited for wooden home builders and constructors. It offers a robust, user-friendly platform with all the tools needed to feature construction projects and architectural designs.

7. Corgan – Premium Woodworks & Carpentry WordPress Theme

Corgan blends a premium design with functionality tailored for carpenters and woodworkers. It emphasizes portfolio and shop elements, making it a top choice for showcasing bespoke furniture and decorations.

8. Auros – Furniture Elementor WooCommerce Theme

Auros is a stylish and modern theme designed specifically for furniture stores. Utilizing WooCommerce and built with Elementor, it offers an intuitive way to sell furniture online with a focus on visual appeal.

9. Modus – Modern Furniture WooCommerce Theme

Modus provides a sleek, contemporary look for online furniture stores. This theme supports various shop formats and styles, making it versatile for a wide range of wood-based furniture businesses.

10. Decoraty – Home Design WooCommerce Theme

Decoraty rounds out our list with its focus on interior design and home decor. It’s perfect for businesses that want to highlight wooden interior design elements and furnishings in a sophisticated online setting.


Choosing the right WordPress theme is crucial for your wood business as it not only helps you portray the aesthetic and quality of your products but also enhances user engagement and conversion. Each of the themes listed above offers unique features suited for various niches within the wood industry. Whether you’re showcasing handcrafted wooden toys or building luxury wooden homes, these themes will help you build a strong online presence.