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BWD Elementor Addons Bundle has 128 Elementor widgets and 23 extensions to add almost all essential and attractive sections to your website without any coding knowledge. The plugin has unique preset designs that look awesome. Bundle value $1446. Get it now for only $49 

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From Zero to Hero: Designing Professional Sites with Elementor

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Team Addon For Elementor

With Meet The Team, you’ll always have a team to lean on – no matter the project. We’ve got 33+ different styles for any elementor base website, including 3 carousel styles that look awesome. It’s highly customizable and you can change any color, social icon, and element alignment. Meet The Team is a plugin for Elementor that will take your design to the next level. You can change any color or icon to match your brand and make sure you are getting the most out of Elementor. Featuring 33+ styles, the plugin is great for showcasing Team Members and the different roles they play. The presentation of your Team Members just got a whole lot better!

CVBuilder Elementor Addon

BWD CV Builder is an elementor-based, professional design plugin for your CV. With our powerful CV Builder, you can create a beautiful version of your CV in minutes. No more worrying about design skills, everything is at your fingertips. Unlike traditional resume builders, BWD CV Builder has focus on formatting and layouts to ensure that your CV looks professional and clean.

Step Addon For Elementor

Eelementor Steps Addon from BWD “BWD Attractive Step” is a lightweight Elementor base WordPress plugin to add an attractive Step to your website without any coding knowledge. There is 30+ unique preset design that looks awesome. For Kind information, more than 100+ designs will be included very soon. Main Features 30+ Unique Preset Design Icon and… Continue reading Step Addon For Elementor