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Timeline Animation Snippet

  • Discovery Laws of motion
    Scientist Newton
  • Discovery Law of electrostatic
    Scientist Coulomb
  • Discovery Law of Electric
    Scientist G.S Ohm
  • Discovery Electromagnetic
    Scientist Michael Faraday
  • Discovery Dynamite
    Scientist Alfred Nobel
  • Discovery X Rays
    Scientist Roentgen
  • Discovery Electron
    Scientist J.J.Thomson
  • Discovery Radium
    Scientist Madam Curie
  • Discovery Quantum Theory
    Scientist Max Plank
  • Discovery Principle of Relativity
    Scientist Albert Einstein
  • Discovery Photo electric
    Scientist Albert Einstein
  • Discovery Nuclear Reactor
    Scientist Anrico Fermi
  • Discovery Pioneer in Astrobiology
    Scientist Carl Sagan
  • Discovery Game Theory
    Scientist John von Neumann
  • Discovery X-ray Crystallograph
    Scientist Rosalind Franklin
  • Discovery Alternating Current
    Scientist Nikola Tesla
  • Discovery Computer Programmer
    Scientist Ada Lovelace
  • Discovery elescope Improvements
    Scientist Galileo Galilei
  • Discovery Radium and Polonium
    Scientist Marie Curie