WordPress Development Services

WordPress is a dynamic open-source CMS (content management system), fully free, which is well-known all over the world for its many features. All kinds of websites are possible to build with the use of the WordPress CMS. Approximately 39.5% of websites in the world are powered by WordPress. Its acceptance value is going to high day by day. WordPress makes the website functional, which is the first requirement of every client. In WordPress, we can use multiple themes or plugins that make the site much more attractive and search engine friendly. Due to its multiple functionalities, both paid or free themes and plugins, we can use the WordPress CMS to build our business website.

Why Website Design Is Important For A Business?

Nowadays, a website is not only an initial document but also its final document for a business. Both of an offline or online business, a website always ensures its existence in the web world. Nobody can ignore a website value for his or her business, which can be a high, medium, or low-level scale business. But only a website can not reflect its company overviews, a good quality website can only represent its company overviews. So, a quality website design is an important part and first priority for a business. But the question is – what is quality design for a website? Basically, a quality website design means a 100% search engine and user-friendly website that is responsive for all devices. These three terms are considered as the main basis for a website design.

Search Engine Friendly

Search engine friendly refers to following the guidelines published by the different search engines. Otherwise, a site will never be indexed or an indexed site also will be un-indexed. A bad-designed website never gets SERPs ranking.


It means the general viewers or reader can get an easy and interactive feature that can feel happy. Otherwise, the website bounce rate will increase and day by day the website will turn into zero leads. Most of the visitors will give up your website forever.

Device Responsive

It means those websites that are always fit for all kinds of devices never break down their main structure. Both search engines and users never value if a website is not fully responsive.

Final Speech

After all, we can say, a website is an online face for a business where we can engage with our potential online customers. So, an interactive responsive website with a fully user & search engine-friendly website design is the first demand.

Why Does WordPress Website Design For Your Business?

There are multiple benefits to using WordPress. If anyone uses it, she or he never moves from here due to its reliability. It has an outstanding appearance at the company brand, its visual components, and multiple features. WordPress is fully dynamic and mostly user-friendly than other platforms. Anyone can maintain a WordPress website after a little bit of online experimentation. Best WP Developer always strongly recommends building a WordPress website for a business. Let’s see some momentous features that oblige us to use WordPress platforms.

Free And Open-source

It is one of the most popular open-source and free CMS (Content Management System) based platforms where we can easily design a custom website with its updated version.

Decorative Design

It is very easy to make an eye-catchy website with the help of its free dedicated themes and different WordPress builders’ plugins. It has also available paid themes and plugins with more interactive features.

Both Paid Or Free Theme And Plugin

WordPress provides multiple dedicated free themes and plugins, which is enough to build an interactive website. A low-budget business can use the free features. But if the budget is high and anyone wants more features, then here also available paid themes and plugins.

Add More Features

WordPress has a great opportunity to add or customize more interactive features with the help of different website builders’ plugins. No need for coding knowledge, multiple plugins are providing drug and drop opportunities to build a WordPress website. It also can customize the interface with the help of additional custom CSS or other programming languages.

SEO-friendly Website

There is a great demand for a Search Engine Friendly website. Please quick transfer into WordPress CMS. Definitely you will get an SEO-friendly website. WordPress provides some built-in SEO features, and the rest of the SEO terms can be implemented via different plugins.

Mobile Responsive

The most important technical issue for a website is mobile responsiveness. But it is easy to fix the issue without any coding knowledge on the WordPress website design. In WordPress CMS, most of the themes are all devices auto-responsive. So, no need to be worried about it.


Before building a website, security should be ensured. WordPress itself is a very secure platform. It helps to add some extra security and firewall by using a security plugin. It is approximately 100% secured by plugins.


It is one of the most important features of WordPress. You will always get the updated version when you download it. No need to pay for the updated version. The present updated version 5.7 is going on.

Difference Between WordPress.com And WordPress.org

Most of the people are very much confused about this subject each and every time. The main reason for being confused is the name “WordPress”. Here we will get the difference between “.com” and “.org” So, now we will get a clear conception of wordpress.com and wordpress.org.


  • It is a self-hosted website where you can build your website with some restrictions like Bluehost or others.
  • If you want to build your website on wordpress.com, you have to purchase their personal, Premium, Business, or eCommerce packages that you like.
  • In their paid packages, you will get essential jetpack features, SSL, domain, unlimited email support, plugins installations, theme upload, and so many other things.
  • You can do any kind of website here, but there are some limitations.


  • It is totally free and non-hosted software. You can build your website according to your own way.
  • If you build your website by WordPress CMS, you can go to wordpress.org and get the software free to install your own c-panel.
  • Here you can use a free theme and plugin that will help to build a smart website. But for a very much complex website, we need to use paid plugins.
  • You can build any kind of website. There are no limitations here.

We are Offering Super-Fast WordPress Design & Development Service

BWD (Best WP Developer) is providing professional WordPress design and development services according to its honorable client’s requirements. BWD has its own skilled WordPress design and development team, which is highly professional to build any type of WordPress website. Basically, we are providing such type of website are in below –

Portfolio Website

Where described professionally about a person or a property is known as a portfolio website. Education, skills, qualifications, training, contact, and experiences are displayed here. It helps for anyone’s personal branding.

Company Website

Where are sorted periodically a company overviews, like its services, mission, vision, strategies, pricing, contact address, terms & condition, etc, is known as a company website. It is also called a business website.

Shopify Website

Shopify is a cloud-based shopping cart application where anyone can build an online store and sell their products online. It behaves as an eCommerce store. It follows SaaS (software as a service) delivery method.

Blog Website

A blog website is such a website where authors publish their unique, informative opinion on one or multiple topics. The niche/topics of blogs depend on the author’s expertise, and it can be short length, medium length, or professional.

Magazine Website

Where is featured articles, photos, podcasts, videos, and different types of informative and educational content are known as a magazine website. Reputed institutes, Universities, and Organizations especially require a magazine website.

E-commerce Website

The meaning of eCommerce is electronic commerce or internet commerce, an online product or service buying & selling application where both seller and buyer get a payment gateway system

Entertainment Website

An entertainment website is an online web application where deeply focuses on producing and listing high-quality entertainment content for its users. Content can be videos, Stories, Films, audios, images, articles, etc.

Broadcasting Website

Where allow storing audio file (mp3) and provide an opportunity to broadcast live voice-over programs, is known as a broadcasting website. It is also known as an internet radio that can be heard via electronic devices like mobile or laptop.

Social Media Website

The Social Media website is such a public website or application where anyone can create a profile and share their content. Content can be images, videos, podcasts, articles, and more. It depends on website authors how many features they have provided.

Photography Website

A photography website is such a website where photographers or photography agencies enlisted their unique photography. The authors can generate sales from a photography site and can promote his or her personal branding.

Educational Website

Educational institutes and different training providing institutes have featured their overviews, service, courses, offers, pricing, curriculum via a web application, which is known as an educational website.

Nonprofit Website

When a nonprofitable organization has featured its overview via a web application, then it is called a Nonprofitable website. The organization’s mission, Vision, upcoming events, and many other activities are enlisted here.

Media Website

A media website is a web station that collects and stores news or stories from a country or worldwide. The news can be multiple categories like – political, sports, health, reviews, educational, motivational, geographic, and many more.

Video-Sharing Website

Video-Sharing Website is a web platform where people can show and promote their talent, products, and many different activities via video. Anyone can generate revenue from video marketing on his or her own video sharing platform.

Niche Affiliate Website

A niche affiliate website is a third-party product-promoting medium that promotes products and gets a percentage from the product selling price. Basically, here featured product review. That buyers can get a clear knowledge about the product.