Website Maintenance

Website maintenance service is the process of running tests on the website on a regular basis to identify errors and vulnerabilities of a website so that necessary work can be done to keep it up-to-date. One needs to pay attention to it so the website remains secure from cyber attacks, functions well, and provides a better user experience to the visitors. If not done, this can hamper the growth in traffic and SEO ranking on Google and other search engines. A website needs to be up-to-date so that it can draw the attention of more people, and does well to expand your business. Be it some small or big enterprise, every business nowadays requires to be on the web. To strengthen the ground in this competitive environment, a website requires to be well maintained. Otherwise, one might have to see his, her competitors outrun. The process encourages audience engagement, helps create a better and effective interface with the visitors, and keeps your site from major problems. At Best WP Developer Company, we resolve your website-related issues with best practices and solutions. With 8 years of working experience, as a well-reputed website maintenance service company, we offer you our maintenance services to prevent your site from all the vulnerabilities.

What do we do exactly?

We run some tests on your website step by step so that we can know where improvement is required before getting started with the main work. Right below you can read about it:

  1. First, we check the speed of your website.
  2. Keep a backup to ensure that all the old data remain safe.
  3. Update plugins and software that we would use
  4. Examine forms to identify traces of hitches.
  5. Delete spam comments from the page and post.
  6. Examine pages to find broken links.
  7. Run a test to point out 404 errors; if there are any, we fix that.
  8. Update the blog to attract more audiences and keep them coming.
  9. Handle hosting accounts and ensure that everything functions effortlessly

We provide website maintenance on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Speed checking, security scans, inspects website statistics, re-update necessary blogs, etc. We do in order to keep your website up-to-date. We also modify the design of the website, analyze advertising and marketing strategies and ongoing campaigns in the same regard. Based on the steps mentioned above, we carve out a website maintenance plan. And according to that, we drive the plan into action, take all the necessary measures to ensure your site’s better performance. We automate as many actions as possible. Also, we scan the backup health of your site and run it on different browsers to ensure smooth functionality.

Why do you need our website maintenance services?

Regular monitoring keeps your website from all the dysfunctionalities. With our website maintenance service, you can get your business enhancement. Website maintenance ought to be a permanent part of your online business. It helps grow your business. If it is not done accurately, it can cause setbacks. Not up for it? Hire us for the betterment of your business. We have all the necessary advanced tools to provide the best service. Curious enough to know about our website maintenance services in detail? Keep reading the article further.

Regular Updates

Regular updates bring betterness to a website’s performance. Even if you are running your website on the best CMS, regular updates are necessary. If a new update is available, it should be installed right away. Script updates are essential as well. Irregular update invites cyber attacks to your site. If you don’t update your CMS and plugins regularly, it will lose the power of protection from hackers. It is a great mistake for you if you don’t update your site regularly. We provide the best website maintenance services for our clients.

Security Updates

Driving organic traffic is important and so it is important to make it consistent. But how to hold onto potential clients? They will leave your website right away if they don’t find relevant content, article on your website. Easily bored, they will not explore any more. If you want your website to work in your favor, you have to make sure that the contents, articles are typo and grammar mistakes-free; all the information and data are in order; you have to take care of that. If you want engagement, you need to put more effort.

Regular Updates
SEO Updates
Security Updates

Image Updates

With good quality images, you can make your website look well designed and professional. Outdated images will never appeal to visitors. Also, the pictures you use on your website should be relevant to the content. Using unnecessary images only eats the space. So it’s better to update images frequently. New-end relevant images would bring newness to the website. The images of your products should be precise and attractive so that your customers make a purchase. If any change is required in your site’s image section, we also do that after consulting with you.

Content Updates

Contents are the main part of a website. It determines whether your visitors make a purchase from you or not. That’s why a time-to-time update is essential to encourage the users to buy your products or services. Google and other search engines prioritize those websites that are quality content that is directly related to SEO ranking. As a website owner, you already have a lot of work to handle. For you, we can take care of your site’s content. We offer attractive content packages for our clients which will certainly improve their website’s ranking, performance and traffic engagement. Quality SEO-content would definitely boost your business profit.

Site Monitoring

Site monitoring refers to various activities combined which are related to website or web service accessibility. These activities are held to examine the performance, availability, and functions of the website. It can be done by automated assessment or real user observation. Real user monitoring is done infrequently but an automated assessment is done in a scheduled way.

SEO Updates

The main motto to bring the business online is to reach more people so that the business grows. To drive more traffic, a website needs continuous updates. Google takes those websites into consideration that have vital information on the sacred subject and are up-to-date. Google rank matters a lot in terms of visibility. To Google, if it seems that your website has not been updated recently enough or suspects any malware on your website, Google might not show or remove your site from the search result page. So it is necessary that you bring continuous updates in contents, articles, news and keyword to do well in the Google rank algorithm.

Fix Common Errors

There are always some common errors on every website. These errors might hamper your website speed and functionality. We can easily resolve all these errors to make your website work just fine. At first, we identify in which category the issue falls then take an action. These errors can be-

  1. HTTP errors (401 unauthorized, 403 forbidden, 404 not found, 500 Internal Server Error, 504 Gateway timeout)
  2. Long metadata
  3. Missing ALT text or images
  4. Expiring domain name
  5. Duplicate page content
  6. Long forms
  7. Exaggerated text, shortened text
  8. We can solve all the issues that come with your website.

Backups Updates

Data and content of a website should be backed up regularly. The backing up process is essential because what if something goes wrong? Server crashes, cyber-attacks, anything can bring your website down. Regular backup of contents, photos, pictures, and templates can save your business and reputation. The websites that rule on top, keep getting hacked every now and then. But how do they handle the situation? They always restore the data on a regular basis. Defaced homepages, messages by cybercriminals, security breakdown anything can happen if you do not keep a backup. Hackers got a lot of tactics right beneath their sleeves. In some cases, the hackers end up using your back-end as a spam server. This affects the speed of webpage loading and even can get your site blacklisted. At ours, we provide the best maintenance services that ensure your website security.

Support 24 Hours

To meet our client’s needs, we are 24/7 available. So that if any emergency shows up we can help them right away. Also if you have any inquiries, you can ask us right away. All your questions will be answered right away. If you recruit us once for your website maintenance service, we would help you in the future if anything on your site goes wrong. For you, we would take care of content error, user access issues, web hosting issues and give our 100 percent honest feedback.


Data analytics is a crucial part of website maintenance services. It involves storing and fixing traffic affairs. This part is very necessary to keep up the audience involvement. We provide a detailed report about the test. This way, the client trusts us more and understands how she can improve visitor engagement on the website.

Why Website Maintenance Is Important To Maintain?

A well-designed website can attract more users to your website. But running a successful website is not everybody’s cup of tea. The way your car needs servicing to function better, websites also need to be updated once in a while to optimize better. A proper website maintenance service can get your website top rankings on the SEO algorithm. The way a website needs to have a unique design from the beginning to ace, it is also important to bring necessary change on your website with time. This encourages visitor engagement and keeps driving traffic to the website. Old format contents can bore your customers easily beside the risk of cyber-attacks are always there. The hackers are always eager to find one vulnerability that they can utilize to hack your website. Your business, reputation is at stake. The benefits that come with website maintenance services are numerous. On the other hand, ignoring such an essential aspect of running a business can cause you real loss. How exactly? Let’s dive deeper into detail.

To Improve Visitor Experience

When the theme and template which you use on your website is old-fashioned, your website fails to appeal to the visitors. If not compatible with the newest technology, the content of your site might not even support being on the screen of various smartphones. Scheduled maintenance enables the latest update installation and keeps your website compatible. When you fail to offer newness to the audience, they would stop visiting your site after a while. That’s why you have to make sure that they get an exciting user experience. In order to create a strong image of your business in front of your clients, visitors, and business partners, you have got no other choice left. All the links and contact forms of your website need to function correctly so that your customers do not face any irritation or problem whale taking your service. Outdated information can lead your customers to believe the poorness of your website. Suppose the details of your products are not given accordingly on your website and when a client visits your physical store, he/she finds out you do not sell that particular product or the prize is very different from the mentioned prize on your website. 

To Protect From Hacker

Some of the hackers go for the top websites that contain thousands of credit card numbers, pins and steal them for their own benefit. But most of the hackers look for malware and virus, try to upload them on your site. This is a major headache for you and everybody associated with your website. If you give them a chance to exploit your site why wouldn’t they? How do you do it? The answer is by not providing your website proper maintenance service. Outdated software and security patches give hackers enough opportunities to hack the website. If you have the latest technology to ensure your website’s security. Then remember that cybercriminals also have access to the latest tech and have some serious strategies, tactics to take your website down. The way a thief looks for an open window or unlocked door, the same way hackers look for a site’s weak spots; access to get into the website and corrupt it. Your website becomes easier targets for hackers if you don’t run tests to ensure its security.

To Get Rank in Search Engine

Fresh and relevant content brings traffic to your website and gets you a better rank on Google and other search engines. By getting your website maintenance services, you can know which part of the content section needs improvement and according to that, you can keep the content up-to-date. On the contrary, the rank might go down if updates on your website are not brought frequently. Infrequent updates can temper your site’s security.  Also, your website needs to be all-device-responsive. Otherwise, your website might not appear on all types of device screens. If you haven’t got a website maintenance service done, your website might have lost its compatibility to appear on Androids and tablets. If your URL is inserted, only then your website will appear. Such things can happen if your website is not updated.

To Save Wasted Time And Money

Website maintenance services can save your money in the future. If something goes wrong or your website gets hacked, the backup always comes in handy. That’s why we suggest backing up data on a daily basis. It has a good number of benefits. You can handle website hacking, breakdowns due to software updates, mistakes by employees better if you have backup data. It will minimize the after-effects of website breakdown. With a single click, you can always restore your data. At Best WP Developer Company, we offer data restoring with our website maintenance service. We can take care of the regular data backup of your website. But the question remains, what does it have to do with the money? You spend a lot to establish your business online. A human error or hacking can completely take down your website and if you don’t have the backup data, the money you invested would go waste. In case, your website online sales depend then think how much loss you will face while your website is down. You would have to start everything from the ground.


Website maintenance services will help you to cope in the long run. We have made our packages reasonable and full of promise. Your website runs your business, earns you bread and in return, it deserves minimum facilities. Website maintenance services do a lot of work on your website so that it performs according to your expectation and boosts the business profit. Hire us for site maintenance. we would never disappoint you. You will get from us:

100% Security
24 Hours Support
SEO Updates

To Get High Hecurity

While running a website security should be your top concern. Hackers from all over the world are more than willing to take your website down. That’s how often they make headlines. That’s why your website’s security should have your top priority. Even if you are using WordPress to run your website, you need to ensure that your website is running the most updated version. You have to take care that WP’s latest bug fixes and security plugins are installed on your site. The case gets more serious if your website contains the client’s contact information which includes the credit card number, pin, and other sensitive data. Why would they trust you with their data if your website has a bad reputation in terms of security?