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BWD Trigger Lottie Animation Addon For Elementor

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Trigger Lottie Animation For Elementor Page Builder

"Scrolling Icon Animation" sounds like a visually appealing and interactive plugin for Elementor, allowing users to enhance their web pages with captivating icon animations triggered by scrolling actions. Integrating the power of Lottie animations, this plugin offers dynamic and engaging visual effects that can significantly enhance user experience. Here are some professional key features of your plugin.

Scroll Triggered Animations

The core functionality of the plugin revolves around scroll-triggered animations. As users scroll down or up the web page, the icons come to life with captivating animations. This interactive element can help retain users' attention and encourage them to explore more content on the page.

Viewport-Based Animation

The animations are triggered based on the user's viewport, ensuring that they come to life as icons enter the visible area. This smart animation triggering prevents premature animations and contributes to a smooth, visually appealing experience.

What do you Receive with Trigger Lottie Animation Plugin?

The Scroll Icon Animation plugin for WordPress Elementor elevates web page visibility and navigation by amplifying the impact of focus transitions. When you acquire the "Scrolling Icon Animation" plugin, you receive a comprehensive package of features and benefits designed to elevate your website's visual appeal, user engagement, and overall experience. Here's a detailed breakdown of what you can expect to receive with this plugin

Customizable Focus Appearance

The plugin provides options to customize the visual appearance of the focused element. Users can modify its Triger, size, or other visual properties to suit their website's design.

Focusable Elements

By enabling this feature, elements that are not naturally focusable, such as headings (h1-h6), can be made focusable. This enables users to navigate through these elements using the Scroll Animation,

Animation Speed and Easy Control

Users can adjust the speed and easing of the animations to achieve the desired visual effect. This level of control enables users to fine-tune the animations to match the overall pace and mood of their web page.

Lottie Animation Integration

The heart of the "Scrolling Icon Animation" plugin is its seamless integration of Lottie animations. Lottie animations are vector-based animations that provide high-quality visuals that can be scaled without losing clarity. By utilizing Lottie, the plugin ensures that the animations are sharp and vibrant across all screen sizes.

Customizable Animation Effects

The plugin offers a range of customizable animation effects. Users can choose from a variety of predefined animation styles or create their own, tailoring the animations to match the website's branding and design aesthetics.

  • Easy to use: Install & Go

  • Lottie Animation Supported

  • Enhances Website Accessibility

  • Installation Guide With Video

  • No Coding Requirement

  • All major browsers supported

  • Lightweight and Fast

  • Easy to Customise & Styling