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News Ticker Addon For Elementor

Style 1 [right slide]

Style 2 [left slide]

Style 3 [up slide]

Style 4 [down slide]

Style 5 [bounce]

Style 6 [back down]

Style 7 [rotate in]

Style 8 [left zoom]

Style 9 [flip y]

Style 10 [roll in]

Style 11 [jello]

Style 12 [swing]

Style 13 [head shake]

Style 14 [shake y]

Style 15 [flash]

Style 16 [fade top right]

Style 17 [back right]

Style 18 [bounce out]

Style 19 [fade in]

Style 20 [rotate up left]

Style 21 [rotate down right]

[Sticky top-bottom Style]