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BWD Elementor Addons Bundle has 130 Elementor widgets and 23 extensions to add almost all essential and attractive sections to your website without any coding knowledge. The plugin has unique preset designs that look awesome. Bundle value $1466. Get it now for only $59 

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Our Extensions

Text Tooltip Extension

The BWD Text Tooltip extension enhances website interactivity by allowing users to add informative tooltips to text elements. This intuitive tool is ideal for providing additional context, definitions, or explanations without cluttering the page. Users can customize the appearance, position, and behavior of the tooltips to match their site’s design. Easy to implement and highly flexible, BWD Text Tooltip ensures a seamless user experience, making it a valuable addition for websites aiming to improve user engagement and comprehension.


Wrap Link Extension

The BWD Wrap Link Extension empowers website designers to effortlessly transform entire sections, columns, or widgets into clickable links. This versatile tool streamlines navigation by allowing users to link extensive areas without altering individual elements. Perfect for enhancing user experience, the extension supports a variety of design applications, from call-to-action banners to clickable info boxes. With easy integration and full customization options, the BWD Wrap Link Extension ensures a cohesive and interactive browsing experience, making it an essential addition for any website looking to optimize user engagement and functionality.

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Select any pre-made design sets to customize and compare among different appearances possible for a happy widget. Just click on the presets from the drop-down menu and see the magic.